EDIT: I’ve changed the publishing date on this one to March 6, the date of the dream, to see if it shows up in chronological order. …And it does, so I think I’m going to go back and change all end-of-month backlogged posts’ publishing dates to the dates of the dreams they report. Once that is completed, this side note will probably make no sense to you. #sry

EDIT EDIT: just gonna change the dates on enough of them to get these entries that were out of order back into order, waste of time to comb through the entire archives and fix the dates. ‘Tis what ’tis.

Heh, so I was all aflutter earlier today when I looked at the saved drafts and only saw two, when I’d done at least five for June, I thought. Then upon revisiting I discovered that I had mistakenly been drafting on EphHampton, and the other drafts on there were a couple of similarly misplaced old JDDJ ones from previous months. So first I will resurrect those; this one is from March 6th:

I was with a WU crew on an overnight outing trip in VT; we stayed the night in a bare-bones cabin with exposed studs. The expedition the next morning was a loop on Mt. Mansfield (not all the way to the ridge, but close), a brain-riff on our RL trip there in February. When we set out in the morning, standing at the foot of the mountain on its eastern side, the sun was bright and high up, but the sky was grayish. I tried taking snaps with an iPhone and adjusted the contrast settings from shot to shot; at the lowest contrast, the whole picture was just gray except for the orb of the sun, which was white. The mountain was just bare gray boulders and rocks all the way to the ridge, so no wonder.

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