Google Earth trippin

From the 5th:

  • I was in or over a 3D map view of a meandering, steep boreal mountain valley, running overall north-south, with lakes that were widenings of the valley river. It seemed to be daytime but with the sun behind the mountains to the south. I went to a knoll on the west side of the valley where a hamlet was situated, but it was just a flat overhead image of the hamlet draped over the knoll’s topography, as in Google Earth. The hamlet however then became actual, and I dropped down onto a glass greenhouse roof in the middle of a rustic, mossy little farmhouse complex, the greenhouse being on the north side of a house, with maybe a barn right next to it to the east with just a little lane a few feet wide between them — at this point it was misty and gray out — but I was able to get down safely to the ground because it wasn’t a very long jump.
  • At another point, I was packing up to leave from some city and go back to another one (maybe NY/DC?), and I needed to pack up the whole apartment I was in, which at that moment was mostly darkened except for maybe the bathroom light and a little bit of daylight coming in from the south side, where its exterior wall was. I think it was way high up in a high-rise, but the front door was in the exterior wall, as if the building circulation was all on fire escapes. I then realized that I’d already missed my flight (which was Saturday the 6th, whereas it was now Sunday) and realized that I’d probably not get out till Monday. My roommate was moving out before me, which is maybe why it fell to me to pack up the apartment. I then woke up and was glad that that was fake.
  • I was on another immersional Google Earth cruise, this time over African savanna interspersed with dirt roads. It was also right near the ocean, which lay to the south, and one of the roads let to it slantwise. It was sunny and around midday. The landscape gained 3D; I saw an orchard containing a matrix of tall trees with branches only extending in a single plane (east-west, I think), like fans or paddles; I soon landed and found myself at a gathering of people of various nationalities, which became inside a set of low-ceilinged, peach-colored rooms with glazed walls to the south, like a tropical airport or hotel.
  • While or after reading a Pitchfork article about using a comb filter to iron out the woolliness of high-pitched sounds at certain settings, I closed the windows of a bunch of emails I had been working on writing.

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