mullions game

Uh-oh, already got an 11-post backlog going, so I’m going to really try to whittle away at as much of it as possible right now so I don’t find myself with a 25-post backlog at the end of the month. (Edit: publishing date changed to the dream date, for reasons.) So, from the 3rd:

  • I was out on a run in a version of Forest Park on a soft, partly sunny spring midday. I went east and then north on a curving road in the eastern part of the park with woods on its east side, and then turned back west to return, running along the rocky/grassy gentle slope, with a few trees interspersed at the north edge of the park. The edge was fenced off from the busy cityscape on the other side. This seemed familiar from some other time.
  • At another point, I was recording tonal sounds on some sort of turntable-like machine, in a small white room.
  • I was at my middle school at the end of the day when the buses were there, and at another point at maybe my high school for a morning class, in a room with no windows, similar to the band room. It was a bit dim, as if some of the overhead lights weren’t working or were switched off. I think seeing the time on the wall clock clued me in that it was morning.
  • I was back at a version of my apartment in Medford. At one point I microwaved breakfast in my bedroom — the microwave was near or on the windowsill on the east side, and the bright sun was shining in. At the north end of a small corridor outside my room (which had a door either in or adjacent to an angled wall at the southwest) was a fancily wood-paneled dining room; some Wms classmates, maybe, or other people I knew slightly, I think, were sitting at a table near the door, and I sat in a chair that one of them had vacated. There was no daylight in the room, just overhead electric lights. At some point I glimpsed a large sort of industrial bathroom, its door in the west wall of the corridor; it contained a great number of toilets, sinks, etc in a rather mixed-up configuration, with some of the toilets having little or no privacy; the stall walls that did exist were fairly low, so the full extent of the room could be seen — it had the apparent scale of, say, one of the open areas on the periphery of a supermarket. The fixtures were a sort of olive green, and there was wall-mounted fluorescent light from various directions; the overall feel was of a sort of WWII-era place, that sort of submarine-chic look. The sight of this bathroom was definitely déjà vu. At another point, when by the sun it was early afternoon, I went into a sunny, high-ceilinged room on the southwest end of the apartment, with tall windows on the south and west sides, maybe a bay on the south side. The ceiling was maybe gray, because it wasn’t all that bright in the room despite all the sun. I continued north into a corridor that was bounded on the east side by a glass curtain wall, behind which was a closed bookstore with clerestory light from all directions. Although it was closed, the doors were open, so I went inside. One of my WU friends was around at that point as well and we were talking. Upon walking around the bookstore, I discovered that a lot of shelf space was given over to bizarre furry stuff, like costumes. Huh.
  • I picked some leaves (one leaf?) from a wall-sized hedge (running east-west, to my south) of whatever that plant is that has sort of maple-shaped leaves but they’re bright, glossy, opaque green and sort of wrinkled. Wish I could think of what that is. I also have “mullions game” written in my notes but can’t bring to mind what that referred to.

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