Skream setup

From last night:

  • I was with a party who were staying at a set of cabins or small houses one night on a steep west-facing hill in the woods; I was slightly confused as to which ones were available to sleep in.
  • I was at a concert: first a buzzy guitar rock band on a stage at the north side of the venue, with a guy and a girl both singing, and then there were maybe two guitar players and other band members. I seemed to be lying down on the stage looking up at them, blissing out to the music. The next act was Skream, who took a while to set up his drum kit, bantering a little with the audience while doing so; he also had to drag some performance files from his PC onto the house computer, the desktop of which was projected onto the back wall. At that point the stage seemed to be on the south side, and by then there were audience seats, as at a concert hall, where I had sat in the front row after moving off the stage. I was the only one in the front row for a while, but more people, of quite varying ages, came along and side on each side of me after a while. I think I woke up before Skream actually started playing, which was disappointing.
  • There was a house right next to water, I mean with the water of a bay actually coming right up against its foundation walls. Its owner seemed to be experimenting, as far as I can remember (it’s rather vague), with floating objects in the water, including a deep green triangular vase/cup-holder, which submerged at first — I think my parents were there as well and they thought the vase had sunk, but I knew it would resurface, and it did. The whole thing is confusing, though, because I seemed to be standing waist-deep in the water, but then at some point the view was well above the water, but not inside the house, and then there was also a point when I was looking out the window of the house out across the bay to the sunset. The house was south-facing and the sun in the southwest while my point of view was exterior to it, but west-facing and the sun in the northwest while I was inside. OK.

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