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bus picnic

From last night (the 31st): I was on a schoolbus in the CV or GBS parking lot, seemingly, or a similar place, on a dark gray overcast day. The seats were laid out generously, more like sort of facing living room configurations, so I had plenty of room on my seat for the picnic spread I’d laid out, which consisted at least of maybe a couple large blocks of cheese, as well as crackers. I offered some of the food to one of my WU friends who was sitting nearby, and at first he politely declined, but then went ahead and had some cheese and crackers after all.

library xc

From the 30th:

  • on a summery overcast day, I was participating in a 5-mile cross-country race through brushy, verdant woods much like those to the south of the field at camp IRL; the course contained a number of confusing turnarounds and repeated stretches, and then a new part of it had been newly mowed through the brush after the start of the race, I think because of the race taking too long. A rather vexatious race in all.
  • After dark, I was running from the sidewalk in a city street grid through the wood/glass doors of a ground-floor library on the northwest corner of an intersection, following a couple of my WXC teammates, as we were to have an early-season team meeting there, just the men’s team. I ran fast westward, dodging tables and children etc., then turned north and ended up at a lounge area in the northwest corner, where some of the other guys were already present, sitting on couches and talking about how they were just realizing that the team had huge potential that season.

tank hill

From the 29th:

  • On a cloudy late afternoon, I was standing on a west-facing grassy slope covered by an array of unoccupied military tanks (i.e. in rows and columns); it was in China, and I skulked along with my newspaper between the tanks, but got caught by the authorities, and I approached them with my hands up to signal nonresistance, as they were pointing guns; the punishment for walking around there with the newspaper is that I had to stand facing east with my hands in air for 20 minutes, unmoving. One of them threw my newspaper in a puddle. I figured it wasn’t that bad of a punishment all told, so I just went ahead and stood there as required.
  • I had been working on, perhaps with other people, a model of an area of land much like that of the RL cemetery; it was made of card stock, maybe letter-size, that had been scored into a grid of smallish rectangles, some of which had had rectangular holes cut out, while in some places little rectangular strips of paper were glued over the main piece. It was quite abstract. Two-thirds or so of the way to the right side of the model was a column of scored narrow strips that were missing various amounts of their length, which the people (maybe studio instructors) I was inspecting the model with (and we seemed to be at or above the land it was modeling during this time) were displeased with, so I suggested gluing another layer of scored paper over the strips to eliminate the gaps, which they liked.
  • I sat down at the corner of a bar with a friend, and a guy who arrived and sat next to her kept waving his cigarette around in her face even after we asked him to stop, at which point I stood up with a start and kickboxed the cigarette out of his hand. Ha! I woke up before being able to dream about his reaction.
  • I was with some WU people, I think, on a tour of some sort of grand old building complex, on a bright overcast afternoon; we went through a north-south glassy link and into a courtyard/garden about a story lower to the west that it overlooked, which contained a couple big old wooden tables and chairs; to the south was an east-west-extended dining hall with food ready for us to eat (not at every place, but there was a surfeit of places and enough of them were set to accommodate us), which oddly seemed to have been there a few days and yet be OK to eat.

rocky rails

From the 28th:

  • I had a Street View/bird’s-eye view of some urban building courtyard; this view subsequently zoomed out to a ~3-mile-long development corridor extending west-east in maybe the Hillsboro/Concord area, with a range of sizes of blocky buildings, and forest to the south (I was seeing it from overhead to the north). It was late afternoon, with west-northwest low sun. To the east of this (maybe), whither my POV then headed, was an elevated, rusty, partly two-level railway built over ruddy, igneously rocky, east-sloping terrain with distant eastern views; the railway curved from its approach from the southwest leftward to exit the area toward the northwest. Still the sun was low and west-northwest. The railway was newly covered with very large (shed-size) granitic boulders to prevent trains from going through, but there was a sort of side rail area, suspended to the left of the lower rail level, that allowed me to ride a train (or just a train car, something small anyway) tenuously along it. The side channel gave out after the establishment of the northwestern bearing, though, so to avoid falling off, I had to grab a hold under the traffic lanes that the railway had turned into, and somehow I kept locomoting even though I no longer (as far as I can recall) seemed to be in contact with a vehicle. This switched to being in a regular subway-like train, which later switched to being in a large elevator, operated by a driver, with a brick-vaulted ceiling. The driver was letting it descend so fast that I and a guy standing next to me floated up to the ceiling. To my back, to the north, was a low-height partition (much like standing on the top bunk of the bed at camp) letting in bright daylight from below to the other side. As the elevator continued along, and as his friends looked on, the guy next to me pulled some acrobatic moves, supporting himself with the bunk post (as the scene seemed to have switched over fully to camp by then).
  • On a sunny/hazy late morning, I was with my parents, I think, in a sort of fenced-off exterior area with some picnic tables, which were maybe built into the fence, and was searching through a big bag on the table that mostly contained boxes of paints; I found a box of cereal and poured it and some milk into a bowl to try it out. It had an odd savory flavor, and I discovered that the ingredients included beef and oregano; oregano was listed in its (non-IRL) French spelling, containing a “ch” somewhere.

insurance tour

From the 27th:

  • The house was being renovated; I unfastened one of the overhead can lights in the kitchen, which tilted down to expose a big ol’ control panel.
  • Just north across the highway, our road led directly into the perhaps gated entrance path of an insurance agency or something; a group of us (WU maybe) gathered there and were let in for a tour. Inside was a dark unwindowed room with a large L-desk against the west wall and one of the employees sitting at it. There was maybe a single overhead spottish light, or a couple, illuminating the room, which was maybe painted dark gray. It was quite dusky.

globe redecoration

From the 26th:

  • On a moist, cloudy day, in a sort of formal garden area with woods to the west of a lawn and a sort of pergola on the east side of said lawn, I was walking in and around a couple of plasticky Buddhist gazebos in different places. I think I was wearing running gear. At another point while walking along the pergola I noticed a bottle or can of something, like deodorant maybe, discarded at the west side of it.
  • My bedroom or wherever I kept my 1980s-era globe was being redecorated with current-day globes, so I had to move mine since it was outdated. : (
  • Early in the morning in some sort of hostel-like situation where I seemed to be bedded on a platform with a bunch of other people, I was listening to Charanjit Singh-like acid ragas and seemingly watching accompanying video footage on a screen, but the screen seemed to be on the front of a bass-amp-like box also sitting on the platform.

wormhole roads

From the 25th:

  • I seemed to be in a rather grand yet rustic house or cabin in the northern winter woods; in one room, sitting on a piano, I think, was a large, rather coffin-like (but with narrowed neck) case containing five guitars — I think its volume wasn’t actually large enough to contain them without being a TARDIS, but anyway each guitar was made with incredible artistry, and each was very distinctive. One was covered with large zones of various colors of enamel, I think, and another one was covered in a blue/white/yellow Van Gogh-like painting (or maybe Van Gogh himself had painted it). I wish I could remember what the others looked like. I took them all out to admire them and then placed them back inside. The room I was in was I think finished in dark rough wood; there was a tall window to the northwest (I was at the east side of the piano) and behind me was a door letting in streaming early-morning sunlight.
  • My dad and I were driving through the Colorado mountains on an alternative, “wormhole” road network, again on an earlyish, clear winter’s morning; this network had peripheral connections to the normal one but was uncombined with it within its realm. The roads we drove on were covered with packed, clean snow, plus gravel (which stayed consolidated and didn’t mix with the adjacent snow). One could walk on the roads but had to take off one’s boots and walk in sock feet so as not to dirty the snow. (For some reason driving on the roads didn’t dirty them, whatever.) On the main east-west road, there was a view out to the southwest and boreal woods in all directions, and the immediate area I remember was a bowl.
  • I was maybe with WU or Wms friends at a hostel-like place, which had a fluorescent-lit main stairwell that spiraled orthogonally (i.e. short stretches of stairs ending at square landings). The second floor had a straight flight of stairs to the northeast of the spiral stairwell, which headed east down to the lobby/info-center area of the hostel. To the right of these stairs was a central info station, with counters and overhead soffits of glossy yellow-orangey wood, very ski-lodgy; the stairwell was also rustic/wooden and its slanting ceiling (or maybe it was the underside of treads and risers of a stair above) was encrusted with memorabilia such as faded-color old expedition photographs and such. The info center and stairwell were both brightly lit by halogen-like tilted overhead lights. I was somehow pole-vaulting or stilting up and down the spiral stairwell, and then continued down the straight stairwell; I dislodged one of the pinned-up photos and it floated down, so I picked it up and re-pinned it.

rest stop 75

From the 24th: the only part of a more extensive scene that I remembered is that, on a sunny afternoon, the coach bus I was taking a trip on had stopped at a gas station complex that I seem to recall having those early-modernist nautical vibes. I went into the complex to go to the bathroom, which cost 75 cents, I discovered at the entrance to the restroom area, which was lit by pinkish overhead fluorescents and bounded by an unmanned counter; I got the needed quarters out of a little recipe-box-sized tin I had with me where groups of three quarters each were separated from each other by cloth or a thin sheet of foam rubber or something, folded back on itself to separate each group of quarters, set up for that very purpose (restroom payment). The driver of the bus also had to use it.

backyard parrots

From the 21st:

  • It was a beautiful crisp sunny mid-morning and I was out in a field that had some woods nearby to the northwest but maybe had a view out across a lower area to the southwest; there were a number of people about, but in particular I was talking with Garry Trudeau about smoking; although he looked more like FaltyDL or someone similar.
  • A number of parrots of various colors and sizes were at the bird feeder and especially the larger ones dwarfed it comically as they tried to stand on it and eat from it. I know there was more to this scene but have certainly forgotten it all.

road stairs

From the 20th: I was at the Four Corners (my local road Four Corners) on a bright overcast day, going up the hill, but this turned into going up an interior stairwell that connected our house to a lot of other houses and to, at the southern end of the complex, a movie theater (though maybe that was a recollection of a previous experience/dream, inside or outside of this dream. Confusing!).