shore pyramid

From the 17th:

  • There was a body of water with two nearby open shore areas on its southeast edge, with woods along the shore in between. I was there on a clear morning. Across the water to the northwest was what was maybe an old industrial complex, at any rate, some sort of neat-looking blocky masonry buildings with smokestacks, and there were more woods around them. Between the two open shore areas where I was was a square-pyramid-shaped (but vegetated) hill, which was topped by some trees and a flat area that offered views over the shore trees down to the water. One of the open shore points was “Tahiti,” and maybe the other was named as well.
  • I was in the servery of some sort of cafeteria complex, with an off-white cinderblock wall directly to the east, with daylight and artificial light coming from the south; I mentioned to a WU friend how when I think “wait a minute” I always then think of the “wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute” chorus from a rap track that (in the dream) I thought was from Odd Future, but then after waking up I figured out it’s Big Boi’s “Shine Blockas.”

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