founders’ inn

From last night (whew, that was a lot of posts over the past 24 hours!):

  • I was with a small number of people at a half-timbered old inn-like place, but it was actually an important early-US government building, in Washington, I think, and its main hall (with a loft balcony on its north side) had some interesting acoustics via ceiling angles. This was related to us by a caretaker figure. Later on, at the same place, I think, a whole bunch of CV classmates (and spouses) had gathered there to stay; there was a big line of people in a fluorescent-lit side room to the north of the main hall. A musical montage video played that had a bunch of CV people in it every so often; I went outside (it was a snowy overcast day) and talked with some friends about the video.
  • On another overcast day, I was walking west-northwest along a road to camp, the immediately vicinity of which was fairly open, maybe marshy, with woods a little further on and then light from a clearing visible in the distance on the left side of the road, which was flat and straight for quite a ways. The road reminded me of RL NW Hill Rd in Williamstown beyond the height of land, or of the road to Marienfeld. I think I was there a couple of times; the second time there was lots of marshy mud to the side, which had spilled over onto the road, making for a yellowy-colored slop that I was not looking forward to having to traverse.
  • I was XC skiing at a big ski center with multiple buildings connected by winding, hilly roads; I started southward down the side of a road, which was icy in places, with a family who all seemed in better control of their skis than I was, and thought to myself that I didn’t want to be losing so much elevation so quickly, given the distance we were supposed to be going. Just before that I had been hearing about a 60-something-mile ski race divided into three legs, which was pretty mind-blowing. I reached another building, with the entrance road coming in from the northeast and with an open area around it, bounded to the northeast by the north-south-aligned road. There wasn’t much snow there; I didn’t even have my skis anymore after that seemingly. Soon after that I woke up.

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