dim times

From the 22nd:

  • There was deep snow up at camp, and I was at the driveway over by the well; there was a cylindrical ~6′-wide hole dug out of the snow there. The cabin (aligned east-west) was so dim when I went inside that I turned on a couple of the lights even though it was midday.
  • I was perched on a snowy steep hillside, sloping down to the east, on the south side of High St, on a clear late afternoon; it was an open field there, with a view out to the east, woods to the south, and a line of trees between the field and the road. At another point, at a similar time of day, I was running back southeast to a T-intersection, as if at Brimstone and Antrim; I turned right; the field ahead (before turning) was quite dim, and I thought I might have to light a light (flashlight? headlamp? not sure) in the adjacent woodsy road area, but didn’t. I had the tracfone running; I listened to it and heard my parents talking on the home phone; I stopped listening but kept the call going. I later realized that I’d used up an enormous amount of minutes that way (one of the buttons was “USE”, lower right, to check on minutes usage). Back at home the phone was an apple and I accidentally ate the buttons side of it.

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