coastal bay

From the 19th:

  • I was with a small group of people at the northern edge of a coastal bay, with San Diego seemingly across the bay to the south; the bay was elongated east-west. It was early evening twilight, with plenty of daylight still. I was talking with someone about how calming being at the shore was in all the places I’d traveled to from WU (Finland, Barcelona, San Diego and Mexico). He asked me about the 11 or so skyscrapers out to the west, and I explained that it was Coronado, a big commercial development (seemingly analogous to Santa Fé in Mexico City).
  • At a busy club or concert hall where the xx were playing, I was right up near them (or the point of view was); they were just to the north, seemingly at the same level as the audience and right among them. They had five members who were all singing, and Jamie had a mohawk.
  • I was sitting at a computer with a couple of classmates in a light-finished sort of open office or classroom; the computer was facing west, and the main daylight was from the southwest. A professor asked me about (I thought) Sketchup but maybe actually Revit, and then asked if I’d be willing to use Revit for my final project, and I hesitantly said yes, not really being confident of my Revit skills.

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