parking lot totem

From the 7th:

  • At one point I was looking at a topographic/bathymetric model of Earth as if from outer space.
  • My parents and I were on a road trip or something and a bit after sunset on a clear day we parked in a parking lot somewhere with wide open views; it ran north-south with one row of spaces on each side of the lane. At the south end of the lot (where the entrance was) was a sort of sculpture or canopy, with some horizontalish fabric pieces held up by a pole. I think we parked at the north end, where there was a building on the west side of the lot, maybe a restaurant. I think the lot sloped up to the south. I noticed that there was some great alpenglow, perhaps after walking to the south end, but I think I had forgotten my camera in the car, so I ran back to get it to snap the alpenglow, but when I got back the cloud alpenglow was gone, but the canopy fabric was some neat alpenglow colors, which was something, at least. I think it went like that, anyway.
  • I, or my point of view, was inside a room, occupied by a number of people, at the north end of a house, which had mostly glazed walls with wood mullions, so that there were windows on all sides but south. It was a sunny afternoon; there was a hot tub in the northwest corner of the room. My point of view, as if from a film camera, rotated up and over the people talking next to the hot tub at one point.
  • I was playing the Beatles 1967-70 record, side A, and noticed that the songs were sped up to fit on the side.

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