hike wakeup

From the 12th:

  • After dark in the kitchen in NH, with just the sink light on, I was hanging out with a couple of my friends; one of them had bought a bag of what I thought was tobacco, plus rolling papers, at Noone Falls; he poured out the powder-like contents onto a cracker, lit by an incandescent lamp on the island, but the stuff was actually weed. There was also weed tea, which I perhaps drank some of before I knew what it was, and after I found out I drank the rest of it, figuring, I think, that if I was going to be high I might as well get really high while I was at it.
  • I was up at camp, along with a bunch of other people around my age; it was bedtime and I was planning to get up early (like 5:30) for a hike the next morning. I woke up without my alarm a little bit late, thereby realizing I hadn’t set it, but it wasn’t a big deal, and I proceeded with getting ready for the day.

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