grass road

From the 15th:

  • There were green roofs being installed in sections over existing roof of the house — they were simple openwork trays, but they filled in great over time, as I could see on earlier installation on the boatshop/garage (it had an east-west ridge like the RL boatshop and was about the same scale, but it was connected to the house; also the roof was hipped on east side; I was confused about its identity but settled on garage).
  • In perhaps a different scene, there was heavy machinery doing work in the upper driveway; eventually the operator drove the machine away up the road to the south. I decided I needed to follow along in another machine to make sure the load he was carrying was OK. I noticed that the snow had mostly melted off the road, leaving a soggy grassy lane. I also noticed for the first time an enormous tree stump (cut down to ground level) as wide as the road, up at the neighbors’ driveways. Soon I realized my assistance was unnecessary, so I went back to the house.

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