bus reverb

From the 11th:

  • I was hiking in nice open woods, with some hilly/rocky areas, in the fall on a sunny afternoon, which took me through an unreasonably high multiplicity of U.S. states within a short distance. This was via having my border states map on the brain.
  • I made a return to Bamberg at night, walking with a friend to the southern area of town, where at a square bounded by houses to the south and west, there was an event tent containing a sound system for the neighborhood kids. I was glad to be accompanied there because it seemed like hazardous place to be; I was surprised to have stayed safe there the previous time I visited. At another point I was walking east on a road, maybe just after a bridge, so that I saw the river receding to the north, and trees along its right bank.
  • On another night, I was on a schoolbus with a bunch of other people around my age, and I think we arrived at our destination, so people started to disembark; but also someone, or maybe a couple of guys, sang a song and their voices produced a lot of reverb, which a few of us remarked on to each other. I discovered that, while the center of the bus’s ceiling absorbed the sound, the corners (between the ceiling and the side walls) were quite resonant.

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