ellipse LP

One sharply remembered scene: I was riding into Concord, NH on a bus or van with a WU class, on a late afternoon, with high clouds in the sky but still some sun. We headed west on a commercial street, including, on the north side, some shop or establishment labeled as Irish, and I thought to myself that it was curious. We headed into a garage-like building that actually contained more businesses, like an underground mall. This was our destination. Before we turned left at a corner, we went by one big illuminated sign for a shop or whatever that included the word “SLAVES” in really big letters, but I understood it to be a slang for something innocuous. There were other signs around like that too. Once outside the vehicle we arrived in, I think, we went into an area with west windows and a row of benches/tables in the southwest corner, and a couple of Latin American guys behind a table against the west wall further north, between some columns in the middle of the space, who were going to be our hosts. We had some trouble finding our names on a big wide piece of paper written on in marker that was the roster of attendees for whatever this event or place was, but eventually found them. We sat down at the benches and proceeded with a discussion about music. There was an LP on the table that at first looked like a regular 12″ record with additional grooves set in two circles half the diameter of the full disc, opposite each other:

(these are shoddy but they get the point across) but eventually it was elliptical with a smaller elliptical groove set perpendicular to it:

and these different sets of grooves could be played separately. I somehow rationalized to myself how a vinyl cutter could cut such grooves and how a record player could play one set or the other without messing up. I noted that I could see individual waveforms in some places, as it was a 12″ single, which was pretty neat.

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