tallow time

The only scene I remember from a slightly more fitful sleep than usual last nite is that I was outside by the west side of a building, maybe at home in NH, on a sunny, mild afternoon, and was cooking some kind of stew in a big pot, while also holding an interesting conversation with someone. Next to me, to the south, was a black soapstone-like sink, the basin of which was maybe rectangular-U-shaped, or at least it had some mass in the middle taking up space, so that only the edges of the basin, about 1′ around, were usable. There were grapes, both green and purple, and maybe a honeydew melon and maybe some other kinds of fruit or other foods in the sink. (The guy I was talking to must have been the owner of the sink and the food in it because he told me something like “Yeah, I like grapes, so there they are” when I asked about the grapes and snacked on some, and had replied similarly about something else.) A couple of times I transferred the stew from the pot to the sink and back (just pouring it into the sink, and somehow it didn’t swamp the fruit and be all gross; the grapes seemed to act as a dam) because at some point there was an issue with having to mix tallow back into it that had separated out, or something unappealing like that. But I eventually got the tallow back into the pot with the rest of the stew, I think, and eventually the stew cooked into a black, instant-tea-pebbly, char-like consistency, which was actually how it was supposed to be, and I think I left it in the sink. Yuck.

Oh yeah, and maybe in a connected scene, since it was also outside on a sunnyish late afternoon, I was trying to avoid distracting myself from the task at hand by opening up computer games and playing them, but I weakened a couple times and started playing them anyway, but just for a moment before I shut the game back down. Minesweeper was one of the games and I forget what the other one was, but it was something similarly standard. The curious thing was that they appeared as floating holograms in front of me, swiping up on launch and then swiping down and vanishing on quit, like minimization or docking; I don’t recall the interface I was using to open them. At that point I was facing north; the landscape was wide open out to the northwest.

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