hill falls

The main thing I remember from last night is being at home in NH and noticing for seemingly the first time that there was a large hill just to the northeast, or at least I hadn’t really looked at it closely before. I observed that the slope facing us was covered by sparse woods, so that one would get a good view back toward the house if one hiked up there. Furthermore there was a power line clearing going direct from the house up the slope, to the left of the peak of the hill, and it passed through the falls of a stream or river; the rocks of the falls were a ruddy stone. Upon checking the falls out through binoculars, I discovered that a bunch of people were hanging out there. The falls contained a cascade of pools, only about 5′ vertically separated from each other at maximum, so that it wasn’t a huge deal if someone slipped down from one pool to the next one below it, which I had been slightly worried about at first. I wanted to head up to the falls and check it out, particularly to see what the view back toward the house was like from up there.

At some point I walked north along the road past the hill to where it became the main street of a village, with storefront buildings on each side and a wide linear-park median between the lanes of the street. Within this median, near its south end, was an elevated area (about a story up from the surrounding grade) with a large number of fancy, maybe marble, possibly gold-edged, steps leading up to it on the south side, and there was a seat like a throne at the top of the steps. I think some youths were horsing around on the steps and the throne. At first I had thought the steps led up the hill, but my brain changed that quickly. It was evening twilight at that point, with the daylight centered north of northwest as if at a far northern latitude in summer. Dusk arrived as I hung around the southern end of the park talking with some friends or acquaintances, just north of a tall tree, seemingly up on another elevated area or platform. The street lights seemed to be reflecting off the ground quite a bit as after a rain, but out to the southwest, back toward the house, it was very dark.


  1. Posted February 3, 2011 at 8:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Wow you’ve been logging for a loong time! Just looking at June 2006, and comparing it to this, awesome to see the difference in detail.

    Got any tips on how to get more detail on you’re dream recall?

  2. Posted February 4, 2011 at 12:23 am | Permalink | Reply

    Hmm, I don’t really know that I can offer specific techniques except the standard one of mentally going over everything you remember right after you wake up, and trying to immerse yourself back in the dream settings as best you can to fish out those details. For me, the setting of the dream often tends to enjoy much greater emphasis than do the events taking place within it, so it follows that I remember settings in a detailed way; I think that conversely for a lot of people the events are much more important/exciting (sometimes all that happens in my dreams is travelling around through places) and so the details of setting take a back seat.

    I find that my recall in general is better from a given night the more frequently I’ve been remembering/posting prior to that, so it’s a positive feedback cycle – i.e. practice improves your performance, just as in most any pursuit. So I would guess that if you keep posting as regularly as you have so far, you’ll find your recall will improve without any extra effort. Not sure whether an increasing level of detail will be part of that, but I would think it would be.

    I’m enjoying the pictures accompanying your posts, nice touch.

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