Monthly Archives: February 2011

founders’ inn

From last night (whew, that was a lot of posts over the past 24 hours!):

  • I was with a small number of people at a half-timbered old inn-like place, but it was actually an important early-US government building, in Washington, I think, and its main hall (with a loft balcony on its north side) had some interesting acoustics via ceiling angles. This was related to us by a caretaker figure. Later on, at the same place, I think, a whole bunch of CV classmates (and spouses) had gathered there to stay; there was a big line of people in a fluorescent-lit side room to the north of the main hall. A musical montage video played that had a bunch of CV people in it every so often; I went outside (it was a snowy overcast day) and talked with some friends about the video.
  • On another overcast day, I was walking west-northwest along a road to camp, the immediately vicinity of which was fairly open, maybe marshy, with woods a little further on and then light from a clearing visible in the distance on the left side of the road, which was flat and straight for quite a ways. The road reminded me of RL NW Hill Rd in Williamstown beyond the height of land, or of the road to Marienfeld. I think I was there a couple of times; the second time there was lots of marshy mud to the side, which had spilled over onto the road, making for a yellowy-colored slop that I was not looking forward to having to traverse.
  • I was XC skiing at a big ski center with multiple buildings connected by winding, hilly roads; I started southward down the side of a road, which was icy in places, with a family who all seemed in better control of their skis than I was, and thought to myself that I didn’t want to be losing so much elevation so quickly, given the distance we were supposed to be going. Just before that I had been hearing about a 60-something-mile ski race divided into three legs, which was pretty mind-blowing. I reached another building, with the entrance road coming in from the northeast and with an open area around it, bounded to the northeast by the north-south-aligned road. There wasn’t much snow there; I didn’t even have my skis anymore after that seemingly. Soon after that I woke up.

owl + dove

From the 27th:

  • We had a snowy owl chick to take care of; both it and Borne were standing on the kitchen table, until I realized the chick might try to eat Borne, so I took the latter and put her back in her cage. I think it was early morning, around sunrise
  • At another point, I woke up at 8AM and shifted the window shade to look outside; it was an incredibly clear deep blue morning, looking very cold and snowy, with a concentration of pre-sunrise daylight coming from north of east.

dim times

From the 22nd:

  • There was deep snow up at camp, and I was at the driveway over by the well; there was a cylindrical ~6′-wide hole dug out of the snow there. The cabin (aligned east-west) was so dim when I went inside that I turned on a couple of the lights even though it was midday.
  • I was perched on a snowy steep hillside, sloping down to the east, on the south side of High St, on a clear late afternoon; it was an open field there, with a view out to the east, woods to the south, and a line of trees between the field and the road. At another point, at a similar time of day, I was running back southeast to a T-intersection, as if at Brimstone and Antrim; I turned right; the field ahead (before turning) was quite dim, and I thought I might have to light a light (flashlight? headlamp? not sure) in the adjacent woodsy road area, but didn’t. I had the tracfone running; I listened to it and heard my parents talking on the home phone; I stopped listening but kept the call going. I later realized that I’d used up an enormous amount of minutes that way (one of the buttons was “USE”, lower right, to check on minutes usage). Back at home the phone was an apple and I accidentally ate the buttons side of it.

coastal bay

From the 19th:

  • I was with a small group of people at the northern edge of a coastal bay, with San Diego seemingly across the bay to the south; the bay was elongated east-west. It was early evening twilight, with plenty of daylight still. I was talking with someone about how calming being at the shore was in all the places I’d traveled to from WU (Finland, Barcelona, San Diego and Mexico). He asked me about the 11 or so skyscrapers out to the west, and I explained that it was Coronado, a big commercial development (seemingly analogous to Santa Fé in Mexico City).
  • At a busy club or concert hall where the xx were playing, I was right up near them (or the point of view was); they were just to the north, seemingly at the same level as the audience and right among them. They had five members who were all singing, and Jamie had a mohawk.
  • I was sitting at a computer with a couple of classmates in a light-finished sort of open office or classroom; the computer was facing west, and the main daylight was from the southwest. A professor asked me about (I thought) Sketchup but maybe actually Revit, and then asked if I’d be willing to use Revit for my final project, and I hesitantly said yes, not really being confident of my Revit skills.

backyard trees

From the 18th: I was out on the parlor patio and noted how the butternut was healthy into another summer (it was about July, before any drought); there was a medium-sized ruddy-leaved tree in a pot on the southwest corner of the patio, and I wondered if it could be planted in the ground to replace the butternut if needed. I noticed that the honeysuckles had been transferred a small distance to the sunporch-woodpile fence edge, but some were just stumps, having been cut down before transferral.

shore pyramid

From the 17th:

  • There was a body of water with two nearby open shore areas on its southeast edge, with woods along the shore in between. I was there on a clear morning. Across the water to the northwest was what was maybe an old industrial complex, at any rate, some sort of neat-looking blocky masonry buildings with smokestacks, and there were more woods around them. Between the two open shore areas where I was was a square-pyramid-shaped (but vegetated) hill, which was topped by some trees and a flat area that offered views over the shore trees down to the water. One of the open shore points was “Tahiti,” and maybe the other was named as well.
  • I was in the servery of some sort of cafeteria complex, with an off-white cinderblock wall directly to the east, with daylight and artificial light coming from the south; I mentioned to a WU friend how when I think “wait a minute” I always then think of the “wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute” chorus from a rap track that (in the dream) I thought was from Odd Future, but then after waking up I figured out it’s Big Boi’s “Shine Blockas.”

grass road

From the 15th:

  • There were green roofs being installed in sections over existing roof of the house — they were simple openwork trays, but they filled in great over time, as I could see on earlier installation on the boatshop/garage (it had an east-west ridge like the RL boatshop and was about the same scale, but it was connected to the house; also the roof was hipped on east side; I was confused about its identity but settled on garage).
  • In perhaps a different scene, there was heavy machinery doing work in the upper driveway; eventually the operator drove the machine away up the road to the south. I decided I needed to follow along in another machine to make sure the load he was carrying was OK. I noticed that the snow had mostly melted off the road, leaving a soggy grassy lane. I also noticed for the first time an enormous tree stump (cut down to ground level) as wide as the road, up at the neighbors’ driveways. Soon I realized my assistance was unnecessary, so I went back to the house.

hike wakeup

From the 12th:

  • After dark in the kitchen in NH, with just the sink light on, I was hanging out with a couple of my friends; one of them had bought a bag of what I thought was tobacco, plus rolling papers, at Noone Falls; he poured out the powder-like contents onto a cracker, lit by an incandescent lamp on the island, but the stuff was actually weed. There was also weed tea, which I perhaps drank some of before I knew what it was, and after I found out I drank the rest of it, figuring, I think, that if I was going to be high I might as well get really high while I was at it.
  • I was up at camp, along with a bunch of other people around my age; it was bedtime and I was planning to get up early (like 5:30) for a hike the next morning. I woke up without my alarm a little bit late, thereby realizing I hadn’t set it, but it wasn’t a big deal, and I proceeded with getting ready for the day.

bus reverb

From the 11th:

  • I was hiking in nice open woods, with some hilly/rocky areas, in the fall on a sunny afternoon, which took me through an unreasonably high multiplicity of U.S. states within a short distance. This was via having my border states map on the brain.
  • I made a return to Bamberg at night, walking with a friend to the southern area of town, where at a square bounded by houses to the south and west, there was an event tent containing a sound system for the neighborhood kids. I was glad to be accompanied there because it seemed like hazardous place to be; I was surprised to have stayed safe there the previous time I visited. At another point I was walking east on a road, maybe just after a bridge, so that I saw the river receding to the north, and trees along its right bank.
  • On another night, I was on a schoolbus with a bunch of other people around my age, and I think we arrived at our destination, so people started to disembark; but also someone, or maybe a couple of guys, sang a song and their voices produced a lot of reverb, which a few of us remarked on to each other. I discovered that, while the center of the bus’s ceiling absorbed the sound, the corners (between the ceiling and the side walls) were quite resonant.

plate cooking

From the 8th:

  • After disembarking from a big ferry on a clear afternoon onto an industrial-scale concrete wharf, I was walking with a group (consisting largely of WU friends, I think) north along it. There were cranes also rolling along slowly on the wharf that we had to avoid getting in the way of, and occasionally there were story-high rises in the concrete that we had to surmount via steps or maybe just clambering up them at some points.
  • Later, though it seemed to be forenoon at that point, I reboarded on a sunny atrium level of the ferry. There was a person standing behind a podium who reviewed each person’s blood type as they went by. I had B type, most others had A.
  • On a late afternoon, maybe outside or just inside, I was sauteing breaded chicken and white rice in a tomato sauce on a china plate. It took a while to roll all the rice into the mix. The plate was eventually wider than it had been; I put it on another plate or dish to be able to put it on the table and eat the food, since the one plate was really hot from being cooked on.
  • I was inside a Jeep whose interior had all kinds of pastel/saturated-color inserts and children’s program things in the dashboard, which all seemed asinine.