more Monday truancy

  • One scene I remember is that I was back at Williams, at the house that I had rented for senior year through to the present and subleased ever since graduation; I had returned seemingly to clean it out at the end of the lease. The front yard and porch area was like the RL Marienfeld library and the lawn in front of it — not obviously near a street or driveway, with the porch facing south onto the lawn, and with woods nearby, except to the southeast, where the sky was fairly open, and maybe with some other buildings nearby. It was a ragged-overcast day. In addition, I was apparently going to be spending a little while in town and had enrolled in some classes (maybe just to audit) and realized that it was a Monday and as such I was missing the afternoon class that I was signed up for (see also previous post). I didn’t really care though, as I wanted instead to go to the XC practice. I also realized I was on track to miss another class later in the evening.
  • In another sequence, some friends (I think) and I seemed to be staying in a hostel or similar facility with rooms with bunkbeds, maybe four or so beds per room; the rooms had brown walls, about the color of masonite, and fluorescent overhead lights; my room had a window to the west, but the walls were so dark that even with bright forenoon daylight coming in, the overhead light was still needed for illumination. The door was on the east side. The corridors were irregularly shaped (though orthogonal) with a lot of room volumes impinging on them, and there seemed to be an odd profusion of bathrooms. A couple of other places in the sequence suggested an STL setting; e.g. there was a high-ceilinged space reminiscent of Steinberg lobby, though it might have been more of corridor proportions and adjoined to the aforementioned corridors, with diffuse light coming in from the west, where against the north wall was a display of works by one class that seemed to consist of pieces of salad arranged carefully within clear plastic produce boxes, like still-life subjects. Also, at one point I was outside a store at the northwest corner of Des Peres and Pershing, with semi-sunny late morning light, and the store was connected interiorly, I think, back into the hostel complex.

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