• The one scene I remember clearly is being with a bunch of people, on the order of a hundred, in a room, or maybe a couple of rooms connected by an open doorway. The rooms had quite tall ceilings (but were of a normal box shape) and were maybe sort of light brownish in finish. There was daylight coming in from a few small windows to the southwest and north. I think it was the start of some sort of event, as the group seemed to be about to take the Pledge of Allegiance, but someone started singing the Star-Spangled Banner instead, and everyone followed along. There was some sort of display against the north wall, northwest of where I was standing, while a US flag was hanging diagonally higher up on the east wall, but for some reason through most of the song I faced the display, thinking that was the correct thing to do, before eventually noticing that everyone else was facing the flag. More and more people’s singing trailed off until by the end of the song it was just one of my friends (and me too, but quieter) who finished it properly. There were a bunch of friends in the crowd, and I realized after waking up that each of NH, Williams, and WU were represented among them.
  • I have a vague recollection of it being Monday afternoon and of having missed a Monday morning class that I was enrolled in, and then realizing I was at that very moment also missing the Monday afternoon class I was in. Luckily I almost immediately woke up to remember that I’m not in school anymore IRL and to just chillax.
  • There was another rather interesting dream that I remembered quite well this morning along with the first scene and made sure to verbally go over, but I STILL FORGOT IT between then and now, which is a drag.

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