spiral ramp

The first scene I recall from last nite was at the base of the familiar field sloping steeply up to the southwest, with a single line of trees dividing it from lower land and far views to the northeast, and woods around the other edges, at the usual time of high afternoon sun; or at least it was quite similar. However, unlike in past memories of it, there were a few ancient stone structures sitting in the field, such as a Mesoamerican pyramid (a smallish one, I think, and steeply sloped, probably due to my having seen the infographic in this Onion article IRL before bed, which shows the Great Pyramid of Giza oddly squished). I also saw, from a distance, the town built on a steep rectangular south-facing slope that is another strong dream memory. A bit later but within the same sequence, I think, I was inside a house that was dimly lit just by a bit of afternoon sunlight from the south and west sides of the room (long east-west, with windows on all sides but north, mostly shaded, and with white walls and ceiling). I walked eastward past a large cluttered desk area against the north wall; to my right was a spiral maroon flexible-plastic ramp, splintered/calved in a lot of places, that led up to an open loft area with another cluttered desk. The ramp, because of its disrepair, was difficult but possible to climb up.

In a later sequence, possibly after I woke up and went back to sleep, I was in a row of front yards on the east side of a generously treed north-south street. Although the street itself was quite pretty, the yards were cut off from it by a tall solid wood-plank fence, but they weren’t separated from each other. There were some grand tall-trunked trees inside the yards too. It was a semi-cloudy, maybe slightly misty morning. Nearby was a wooden trainshed set back from the front fence, its front and back doors open, that contained maybe an old train car or locomotive on tracks, which I think was moved out of the shed or shifted position or something. Later on in the same sequence, the setting seemed to have shifted to at home in NH, where on the east side of the road, a short bus had overturned. (No one appeared to be hurt, and the bus, which seemed actually miniature, not just short, seemed undamaged.) A large backhoe picked it up and righted it, unceremoniously.

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