subway glacier

A motley assortment from the 20th:

  • I was riding in a van on a late sunny afternoon with some WU friends in a generally southeast direction down an interstate highway that extended down the western side of Maine. It was mostly elevated high over the land and was full of tight curves and unexpected exits and dangerous convergences with oncoming lanes; on a map of it that I saw, it looked like a river full of oxbows.
  • At another point I was at a desk against the south wall of the boatshop on a bright sunny midday, and I was maybe looking on my camera at pictures I’d just taken of solar effects, which I thought were called “circumnonithal” but were actually circumzenithal arcs.
  • A glacier advanced into the Stockholm subway, moving/crushing the north wall of a platform, so that people were fleeing across the tracks from that side to escape and went upstairs into the crowded station and street. There was also, perhaps preceding that, camera footage from somewhere else, out in the midst of the glacier, where the unmanned camera had been sitting near the glacier and had fallen a ways into a crevasse, becoming mostly enclosed by the glacier’s advance.

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