mobile drawings

From the 23rd:

  • I was watching some final reviews in the big space on the ground floor of Steinberg. Against the south wall were the boards of one of my friends, which were seemingly drawn in charcoal, quite sketchily. Yet, it turned out as he went over them, they contained all the info needed (plans, sections, etc). The project seemed to be a steel production plant or some similar foundry-like facility. The krazy thing was that parts of the drawing moved with the control of a crankshaft or such a thing to the side of the board, illustrating the production processes. That is, the actual marks on the paper moved independent of the drawing paper.
  • On a pleasant, bright, mild day with plenty of blue sky but with cumulus often blocking the sun, a bunch of college kids were walking along a parking lot on the south side of an east-west river in northern MA holding semi-inane collegiate conversations. There was settlement visible up the river to the west.

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