goofy MFA

From the 19th: all the following scenes were part of a fairly continuous storyline. The first one I recalled was that I was starting an MFA-like degree and was attending the first class, which was some sort of art studio, held in a high-school-like classroom with painted cinderblock walls and drop-ceiling fluorescent illumination; outside it was cloudy. At first there was some confusion over the precise program I was enrolled in when I registered — mine was a reduced-length one since I had prior academic experience, maybe called BW, but I confused its nomenclature with the remedial program, which also contained a W. Later was a comp-sci class, which seemed to be held outside in an open area where maybe some roads were going through and there were some woods to the south and people were sitting on long pew-like wooden benches at different angles. Here, questions were asked and answered in song. It was still a fairly dim cloudy day

After that, a woman who I think was a librarian at the school showed a few of us video she had shot while traveling in Helsinki, particularly of the façade of a main library (a yellow and white classical building like those of Senaatintori); she had wanted to go into the library but it was shut down for renovations to the exterior. I think this happened in a similar place as the comp-sci class, but maybe somehow inside. Then, later on, while sitting backward in an auditorium seat (the seats facing south, with daylight coming in from the west), I watched a Paul McCartney video on my netbook; it seemed to consist mostly of children/teens singing against a white background, and Paul only appeared for a short bit near the end. I then watched a previous one that was supposed to have sub-bass (James-Blake-cover-of-“Limit To Your Love”-style), thus showing that Paul’s ear was to the ground in terms of contemporary music, and maybe it did; I don’t remember.

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