fruit beacon

OK, well let’s try to get this done today then. From the 15th:

  • The first scene was in a courtyard/garden on a warm evening just after sunset; the courtyard was quite narrow north-to-south but long east-to-west, at the entrance to a large but low modernish building with a lot of glazing that bounded the courtyard on its north and east sides. The south side was bounded by some sort of dark wall, and plant beds were around the edges, with a hardscape path/patio in the middle of the yard. Some friends and I were sitting around a round table eating and, I think, talking over plans for an expedition. Afterward, when we were inside the building (on a lower floor, with clerestory daylight coming in from the west) to bus our dishes, one of them, who was several years younger than me, asked me what my attitude toward adulthood was — basically, whether it was discontinuous or continuous with childhood. I thought the question was really well-considered; I think my answer was more on the continuous side, but not necessarily completely conclusive.
  • At dawn, perhaps on the day of the expedition planned above, I was sitting on a ledge either partway up a tall building or part of its steeply terraced grounds, to the west of the highest part of the building; there were a few tall trees nearby. Right near where I was sitting was a large white bowl with a sort of rounded/lobed triangular shape that contained a variety of fruits (including citrus, maybe a slice of fig, maybe a blackberry) mounted inside of it, which I think were illuminated, by LED or something, so that the bowl was actually a beacon. A fruit beacon. No, I did not ingest psychedelics before going to bed that night.

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