brick moat

From the 21st:

  • I was in some sort of class where we got assigned in two-person groups to color countries in for a large map; I requested Panama (which was the shape of Ecuador) but my partner and I got Argentina, which we grudgingly accepted.
  • There was a new Calvin & Hobbes book out; I started into it; it started with several pages of regular comics, and then a bit later there were lots of large, colorful but subdued paintings of the characters, each filling up a whole page or at least half of one, with accompanying text.
  • I was waiting in a sunken moat-like space, only a few feet wide, along the north wall of a fluorescent-lit room (long east-west) with a few other people; the moat’s walls were of brick, and I think there were some plants in the moat too, and maybe some standing water. A pile of orange paperback textbooks (looking like telephone books, just orange) accumulated along the south wall over time while we were there.

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