bike race complex

From the 16th:

  • One scene was in a clear, flat area within a forested landscape, with a more mountainous area visible to the south and some other clear areas to the west and north beyond single lines of trees, on a damp, cloudy day. I seemed to be part of an orienteering expedition; a couple of other people on the expedition were in sight, different distances away.
  • At another point, there was a bike race comprising lots of different routes of varying lengths at the base of which a good-sized crowd was gathered and milling about. It was a clear, sunny morning, maybe in winter. The routes seemingly went through Williamstown, such as south on Rt 7, yet the base seemed to be the SMS baseball field.
  • I was using my old camera, at home, I think, but its interface seemed unfamiliar and different from when it was my primary camera.

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