earth hemisphere

Oy, a backlog has accumulated, but not a huge one, so I’ll try to get it done right now. (Well, I wrote that five days ago and now the backlog has deepened by several posts, but I’m going to try to get them all done for real now.) First is one scene from the 12th. I was in the vicinity of Sarajevo, in an area that seemed to be pretty much wilderness, with woods nearby, but I was in an open area of flat, mostly bare earth; it was a cloudy, temperate day. Something there, maybe an explosion, had caused a hemispherical volume of earth to separate from its surroundings — it was still in place, but there was about a foot’s distance of airspace in between it and the surrounding earth, so that it was levitating in effect, though its top surface was still level with the surroundings. Apparently it was staying aloft because of its own gravity. As I watched it, water rushed into the air gap. Later I realized the gravitational implausibility of such conditions within another dream.

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