neighbor grounds

The only bit I remember from last night is being over at our neighbors’ house to the south on an early afternoon with altostratus sky (so that the sun wasn’t very noticeable) and noticing how the flat square of land under and around their house was built way up from the surrounding lay of the land with fill, so that the northwest corner of it was partly supported by a retaining wall of what appeared to be aluminum sheets, around which the grasses had grown in. Thence the ground sloped sharply down to the row of trees dividing their property from our field. I remarked that I had never really noticed this slope before. To the west, there were some rough slate steps, not really flat or parallel but still usable, cut into the fill plateau, also with grass grown in between them, that led down to a couple of grassy terraces built out of the main slope, which descended toward the west. These steps and terraces were certainly new to me, and I thought they were really nice. At some point my parents and I also left glasses we’d been drinking out of on a step of the neighbors’ back porch, to take home and wash later after checking out the grounds, and I hoped the neighbors wouldn’t come out and take the glasses to wash.

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