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Mt Amsterdam

I was in Amsterdam for fall semester and had arrived not long before the scene took place. It started out in more or less normal-looking central Amsterdam in blue evening light a little while before dusk. Then it diverged from RL quite significantly: I took a funicular up a really steep slope — it seemed to be at least 45° — for seemingly miles to the west. I was pinned back in my seat due to the angle; the seats were attached perpendicular to the car base like on a normal train, rather than at an angle as on an RL funicular. At one point I indicated my surprise about the steepness of the slope to the guy sitting next to me and he and his friends in the seats before us replied understadingly. We arrived after dusk way up high, where there was a glassed-in bus station in a park-like area, lit by a few overhead lights. One of my WXC teammates was there and invited me to join him on a run up to the summit of the slope a little ways on and I wanted to do so, but might have had other obligations.

more Monday truancy

  • One scene I remember is that I was back at Williams, at the house that I had rented for senior year through to the present and subleased ever since graduation; I had returned seemingly to clean it out at the end of the lease. The front yard and porch area was like the RL Marienfeld library and the lawn in front of it — not obviously near a street or driveway, with the porch facing south onto the lawn, and with woods nearby, except to the southeast, where the sky was fairly open, and maybe with some other buildings nearby. It was a ragged-overcast day. In addition, I was apparently going to be spending a little while in town and had enrolled in some classes (maybe just to audit) and realized that it was a Monday and as such I was missing the afternoon class that I was signed up for (see also previous post). I didn’t really care though, as I wanted instead to go to the XC practice. I also realized I was on track to miss another class later in the evening.
  • In another sequence, some friends (I think) and I seemed to be staying in a hostel or similar facility with rooms with bunkbeds, maybe four or so beds per room; the rooms had brown walls, about the color of masonite, and fluorescent overhead lights; my room had a window to the west, but the walls were so dark that even with bright forenoon daylight coming in, the overhead light was still needed for illumination. The door was on the east side. The corridors were irregularly shaped (though orthogonal) with a lot of room volumes impinging on them, and there seemed to be an odd profusion of bathrooms. A couple of other places in the sequence suggested an STL setting; e.g. there was a high-ceilinged space reminiscent of Steinberg lobby, though it might have been more of corridor proportions and adjoined to the aforementioned corridors, with diffuse light coming in from the west, where against the north wall was a display of works by one class that seemed to consist of pieces of salad arranged carefully within clear plastic produce boxes, like still-life subjects. Also, at one point I was outside a store at the northwest corner of Des Peres and Pershing, with semi-sunny late morning light, and the store was connected interiorly, I think, back into the hostel complex.


  • The one scene I remember clearly is being with a bunch of people, on the order of a hundred, in a room, or maybe a couple of rooms connected by an open doorway. The rooms had quite tall ceilings (but were of a normal box shape) and were maybe sort of light brownish in finish. There was daylight coming in from a few small windows to the southwest and north. I think it was the start of some sort of event, as the group seemed to be about to take the Pledge of Allegiance, but someone started singing the Star-Spangled Banner instead, and everyone followed along. There was some sort of display against the north wall, northwest of where I was standing, while a US flag was hanging diagonally higher up on the east wall, but for some reason through most of the song I faced the display, thinking that was the correct thing to do, before eventually noticing that everyone else was facing the flag. More and more people’s singing trailed off until by the end of the song it was just one of my friends (and me too, but quieter) who finished it properly. There were a bunch of friends in the crowd, and I realized after waking up that each of NH, Williams, and WU were represented among them.
  • I have a vague recollection of it being Monday afternoon and of having missed a Monday morning class that I was enrolled in, and then realizing I was at that very moment also missing the Monday afternoon class I was in. Luckily I almost immediately woke up to remember that I’m not in school anymore IRL and to just chillax.
  • There was another rather interesting dream that I remembered quite well this morning along with the first scene and made sure to verbally go over, but I STILL FORGOT IT between then and now, which is a drag.

spiral ramp

The first scene I recall from last nite was at the base of the familiar field sloping steeply up to the southwest, with a single line of trees dividing it from lower land and far views to the northeast, and woods around the other edges, at the usual time of high afternoon sun; or at least it was quite similar. However, unlike in past memories of it, there were a few ancient stone structures sitting in the field, such as a Mesoamerican pyramid (a smallish one, I think, and steeply sloped, probably due to my having seen the infographic in this Onion article IRL before bed, which shows the Great Pyramid of Giza oddly squished). I also saw, from a distance, the town built on a steep rectangular south-facing slope that is another strong dream memory. A bit later but within the same sequence, I think, I was inside a house that was dimly lit just by a bit of afternoon sunlight from the south and west sides of the room (long east-west, with windows on all sides but north, mostly shaded, and with white walls and ceiling). I walked eastward past a large cluttered desk area against the north wall; to my right was a spiral maroon flexible-plastic ramp, splintered/calved in a lot of places, that led up to an open loft area with another cluttered desk. The ramp, because of its disrepair, was difficult but possible to climb up.

In a later sequence, possibly after I woke up and went back to sleep, I was in a row of front yards on the east side of a generously treed north-south street. Although the street itself was quite pretty, the yards were cut off from it by a tall solid wood-plank fence, but they weren’t separated from each other. There were some grand tall-trunked trees inside the yards too. It was a semi-cloudy, maybe slightly misty morning. Nearby was a wooden trainshed set back from the front fence, its front and back doors open, that contained maybe an old train car or locomotive on tracks, which I think was moved out of the shed or shifted position or something. Later on in the same sequence, the setting seemed to have shifted to at home in NH, where on the east side of the road, a short bus had overturned. (No one appeared to be hurt, and the bus, which seemed actually miniature, not just short, seemed undamaged.) A large backhoe picked it up and righted it, unceremoniously.

mobile drawings

From the 23rd:

  • I was watching some final reviews in the big space on the ground floor of Steinberg. Against the south wall were the boards of one of my friends, which were seemingly drawn in charcoal, quite sketchily. Yet, it turned out as he went over them, they contained all the info needed (plans, sections, etc). The project seemed to be a steel production plant or some similar foundry-like facility. The krazy thing was that parts of the drawing moved with the control of a crankshaft or such a thing to the side of the board, illustrating the production processes. That is, the actual marks on the paper moved independent of the drawing paper.
  • On a pleasant, bright, mild day with plenty of blue sky but with cumulus often blocking the sun, a bunch of college kids were walking along a parking lot on the south side of an east-west river in northern MA holding semi-inane collegiate conversations. There was settlement visible up the river to the west.


From the 22nd: a new planet in the solar system was discovered beyond Pluto; it was a huge discovery (literally + figuratively) because it was larger than Jupiter. It had only just been discovered because it happened to always be shadowed from the sun by other planets, so it was “hard to see.” It was dangerous to look at through telescope because of “negative radiation” that was some sort of weird radioactivity.

brick moat

From the 21st:

  • I was in some sort of class where we got assigned in two-person groups to color countries in for a large map; I requested Panama (which was the shape of Ecuador) but my partner and I got Argentina, which we grudgingly accepted.
  • There was a new Calvin & Hobbes book out; I started into it; it started with several pages of regular comics, and then a bit later there were lots of large, colorful but subdued paintings of the characters, each filling up a whole page or at least half of one, with accompanying text.
  • I was waiting in a sunken moat-like space, only a few feet wide, along the north wall of a fluorescent-lit room (long east-west) with a few other people; the moat’s walls were of brick, and I think there were some plants in the moat too, and maybe some standing water. A pile of orange paperback textbooks (looking like telephone books, just orange) accumulated along the south wall over time while we were there.

subway glacier

A motley assortment from the 20th:

  • I was riding in a van on a late sunny afternoon with some WU friends in a generally southeast direction down an interstate highway that extended down the western side of Maine. It was mostly elevated high over the land and was full of tight curves and unexpected exits and dangerous convergences with oncoming lanes; on a map of it that I saw, it looked like a river full of oxbows.
  • At another point I was at a desk against the south wall of the boatshop on a bright sunny midday, and I was maybe looking on my camera at pictures I’d just taken of solar effects, which I thought were called “circumnonithal” but were actually circumzenithal arcs.
  • A glacier advanced into the Stockholm subway, moving/crushing the north wall of a platform, so that people were fleeing across the tracks from that side to escape and went upstairs into the crowded station and street. There was also, perhaps preceding that, camera footage from somewhere else, out in the midst of the glacier, where the unmanned camera had been sitting near the glacier and had fallen a ways into a crevasse, becoming mostly enclosed by the glacier’s advance.

goofy MFA

From the 19th: all the following scenes were part of a fairly continuous storyline. The first one I recalled was that I was starting an MFA-like degree and was attending the first class, which was some sort of art studio, held in a high-school-like classroom with painted cinderblock walls and drop-ceiling fluorescent illumination; outside it was cloudy. At first there was some confusion over the precise program I was enrolled in when I registered — mine was a reduced-length one since I had prior academic experience, maybe called BW, but I confused its nomenclature with the remedial program, which also contained a W. Later was a comp-sci class, which seemed to be held outside in an open area where maybe some roads were going through and there were some woods to the south and people were sitting on long pew-like wooden benches at different angles. Here, questions were asked and answered in song. It was still a fairly dim cloudy day

After that, a woman who I think was a librarian at the school showed a few of us video she had shot while traveling in Helsinki, particularly of the façade of a main library (a yellow and white classical building like those of Senaatintori); she had wanted to go into the library but it was shut down for renovations to the exterior. I think this happened in a similar place as the comp-sci class, but maybe somehow inside. Then, later on, while sitting backward in an auditorium seat (the seats facing south, with daylight coming in from the west), I watched a Paul McCartney video on my netbook; it seemed to consist mostly of children/teens singing against a white background, and Paul only appeared for a short bit near the end. I then watched a previous one that was supposed to have sub-bass (James-Blake-cover-of-“Limit To Your Love”-style), thus showing that Paul’s ear was to the ground in terms of contemporary music, and maybe it did; I don’t remember.

bike view

From the 18th:

  • I was bicycling in a city with some friends on a pleasant warm mid-afternoon. We cycled southward on a path in a grass stretch at the west edge of a flat north-south highway, then reached a wooded hill and proceeded up it. There was a great south/southwest view at the top.
  • My parents and I arrived at my old Finland apartment near dusk and proceeded inside without turning lights on, so only the deep blue twilight illuminated things. I wanted to check the sauna but wasn’t sure if any of the keys I had were correct.
  • I also dreamed something about Downton Abbey, having watched an episode of it IRL before going to bed, but my notes only say “Downton Abbey” and I don’t remember anything more specific.