park circumambulation

The scene I remember well from last night, although it morphed around as they often do, kept a linear narrative for a surprisingly long time. Initially I was looking at a Sinfest comic (maybe on paper), where the first couple of panels were looking up aslant at the south face of a Japanese temple — which really looked more like a Parthenon-like Greek temple with black velvet curtains covering the spaces between the columns. In the second and third panels, one of the curtains puffed outward, and then the last panel was Squigley floating down from the puffed-out curtain, having been ejected from the temple, having to now continue on his vagrant way.

At that point, Squigley’s POV became my own; the temple was in the northeastern part of Forest Park, which was quite different from IRL — more wooded and flat around the temple, reminding me more of Chapultepec in retrospect. A north-south road passed by the west side of the temple, and on its western side was a set of playing fields with maybe a chain-link fence between them and the sidewalk of the road. I walked on that sidewalk to the southern edge of the park which was surprisingly near; this edge was defined by a main road (but not the interstate, just a busy urban medium-speed road). It was a hazy summer afternoon and I was wearing my brown fur-collared robe [via having been a member of the order in the temple], which was rather hot in the weather. I turned right at the main road and continued on the sidewalk to the west, with the park to my right and the road to my left. The road seemed to split into a divided highway, the two halves of which took some odd dips and rises at odds with each other, with concrete retaining walls bridging the differences; an overpass or two was involved as well, I think.

As I got to the western edge of the park, I got into an analogue of the Demun area, with lots of nice brick rowhouses, and the sun was now in the southeast, and the air was clearer. I turned right again, presumably to head back to school or home, and started jogging/prancing lightly to get there faster; at one point soon after turning, where another street went left off the one I was on and there was a field to the left beyond the street, I realized I had overshot and had to circle back around. I think the park was still just to the right of the street I was on, but at a slightly lower elevation.

Eventually, after I had reached the north end of the park, the street veered right and started down a hill, curving back and forth a bit. There were single-family houses in this area; there was a chain-link fence directly on the left edge of the road, and elderly residents were out and about. I had gathered speed, and my motion seemed almost like being on a bike, but I was still just running; I had to lean into the curves sharply in order to stay on them and keep from crashing into the left-side fence, and at one point I had to grab at the ground to my right (I was leaned over enough to do so, apparently), to increase the curvature of my trajectory still further.

At this point my memory has wiped a small amount of the subsequent action, but I do remember that after reaching the base of the hill, I was with a number of WU classmates in a sort of valley park running north-south, with trees dappling the sunlight (which was still in the southeast, but we were facing east now) and with maybe a little streamlet running along it. We were walking somewhere to the north or northeast; I think school was to the west, up the hill. I was holding a binder with a bunch of contents, including objects other than papers, I think, holding it open in my hands for some reason. I think I remember myself or others leaping over the streamlet to continue on our way.

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