One thing I remember from last night is being on a funicular train that took all kinds of crazy turns through various tunnels and larger interior spaces. In general the spaces were within a concrete structure seemingly carved out of a landform. The funicular was unenclosed and segmented, like a roller coaster, but it moved only slowly and in stages as it progressed from one stretch to the next. I was riding it from the top of the complex to the bottom, and to start out with was a steep, about 60-degree drop, during which I realized with some apprehension that I’d forgotten to put my seatbelt on; later I was able to remedy this. At other points the funicular swiveled through quarter-circular niches at the edge of larger spaces, all sorts of weird moves like that. At the eventual end of the ride, the funicular descended into what appeared to be the lobby of something like a gas station convenience store through a large opening in its roof, and dropped its riders from a height onto an inflated mattress complex of some ilk, somewhat recalling a chairlift; at this point the occupants were facing east, as opposed to the start of the run, where we had been facing west. The whole time, there was overcast daylight shining in from the east. Just past the mattress were front doors out onto the street.

The other memory I still have is of being in a small hut, only maybe 8’x8′, that was walled just by thin wooden slats (about 1/2″ wide) that were angled to partially occlude the view through. It sat in the middle of a long patio that was in a place that is vague in my memory, maybe with single-story buildings around. There were a bunch of people around outside, and there might have been one or two other people inside the hut at some point. The day was also overcast then.

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