northern NH borders

The sequence I remember from last night must have been Made Possible By all the flying around in Google Earth I’ve been doing IRL recently. I was floating fairly high above northwestern New Hampshire on a late summer afternoon, where the sun was shining golden light and was near horizontal in the west. The Connecticut River was surrounded by forested, steep but smooth mountains on both sides, with lots of indentations from tributary streams — not too far removed from reality except with no human settlement or clearing visible and with much higher mountains. Then I swooped east to the border between NH and Maine, almost immediately, the distance covered seeming to be only a few hundred yards. Here the border seemed to take the form of a road or at least a linear cleared way, and on the NH side were meadows, sloping down to the road, with high grass, surrounded by woods, while the Maine side was mostly wooded. I walked south through the meadows, a bit concerned about ticks but not enough to avoid the grass; the sun switched to mid-morning for a short time but then, as I walked further south and the landscape opened up to wide views toward the south, it switched back to near-sunset. At that point I was walking on a stony gravel road, and there were people of different ages about along the road who seemed to be there on camping trips.

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