I sat down to play the piano at home in NH — it was dark out, I think, so the room was illuminated by the lamp next to the piano — and when I sat down, I discovered that the bench had its own piano keys, because I sat on a bunch of them. The top of the seat covered them, as IRL it covers a little space to hold music. I then rediscovered an old electric organ that was sitting just to the right of the bench and tried playing it; hitting the keys seemed to make both the organ and the piano sound. Soon the scene switched over and the organ transformed to a larger analog synth that turned out to be assembled out of various military/marine-technology (I think) components by one of my friends. It was located outdoors on a sunny day for a while; I faced west but also sometimes east while playing it, and there was a wide-open view beyond, maybe out to the horizon of the sea. There was a big volume pedal near the base, and other big pedal to its right that I forget the function of, maybe a lowpass filter; in the middle of the deep console were two live wires hanging from something that supplied the power for the synth, and behind them was a knob, or rather a post such as a knob fits onto, that varied the waveform from sawtooth to square or anywhere in between. There were some other controls as well. Then the setting switched to some sort of large storage building, like a hangar or warehouse, which was unlit inside but had some light coming in through open windows and doors. The synth was still there, and I was there with the friend who had created it; it was a protected military building, though, so when some officers approached we froze in place to try to prevent them from noticing us, and that is all I recall.

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