steps classroom

The one scene I remember clearly is being in a classroom the floor of which was stairs or bleacher seats from one end to the other; it was fairly narrow, maybe about 20′, while the ceiling was quite high. At the lower end of the classroom the steps sloped up toward the south, but I think they then turned to the east, so the room was L-shaped. It was lit by natural light – by large windows to the west at the lower end and at the turn, and to the east at the very upper end, where presumably the entrance was. I was in a class with a bunch of WU people, and there were copies of a largish, thin newsprint booklet handed out to each of us. At that point I was in the upper half of the L, while later on I was in the lower half, at which point we had a quiz based on the contents of the booklet, which we were supposed to have read but I hadn’t. Before I was even aware the quiz was happening, while everyone was still talking (I think it might have been a later class session than when I was sitting at the upper level) a couple of friends sitting next to me asked how to say “thank you” in Italian, to which I replied “grazie.” Once I became aware of the quiz, I saw that that was a question on it, to my chagrin. The questions were interesting trivia sorts of questions on a variety of subjects, most of which were easy to answer even without having read the booklet. It’s not clear at all what the class was about in general.

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