highway run

It was mid-afternoon, and I was at a set of buildings by a rural highway — not a limited access one but still maybe four lanes — that sloped down to the east. The land on both sides was forested. I think I was in the middle of a run but had stopped, but then I got going again heading down the highway, on the left side (the same side as the building complex). One of my friends (it’s not clear afterward who it actually was) who was also running down the highway, at a faster pace, came up alongside me; I sped up to keep up with him and mentioned how great it felt to have the freedom of bounding down the hill. He seemed to accelerate a little bit (trying to shake me loose, or just offering a challenge, maybe) and I sped up again to match him. The highway either turned to or became northward in bearing so that the sun was to our left instead of behind us. A number of people started appearing who were running uphill quite fast, so that we had to be careful to run into each other; they seemed to be a university running team or maybe a running club. They and we were spread out across the road after a while, so we also had to watch out for cars, which were going plenty fast. The cars seemed to be driving in their left lanes, UK style, which added further to the confusion. Eventually I was running down the centerline to try to avoid traffic on both sides.

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