ski pano

(from last night, the 12th, am annoyed that this is still on DST so that it showed up on the 13th when I thought I was successfully coming in right under the wire — EDIT: hah FIXED via publishing date adjustment)

  • I was inside a largish building that seemed to be commercial in scale and outfitting; it was a gray day, and the building sat downslope on the east side of a north-south highway. Somehow it seemed as though I was also working on designing the building at the same time. The building had large open interior spaces with ramps and curved walls fitting around them; the walls seemed to be mostly white, smooth plaster finish. Meanwhile, where I was seemed to be a supermarket section, full of grocery store shelves, and I was watching a live stream of a Doctor Who movie (with the 11th Doctor) on a screen on the north wall of the supermarket area, but it was frequently interrupted.
  • I was taking part in a skiing expedition on a cold, crisp winter’s day; initially it was a bright sunny late morning; first we ascended slantwise up along the east side of a north-south mountain ridge with alternating open and wooded areas. Later, but I don’t think much later at all, I reached a local summit with a panoramic view to the north, and by then it was just after sunset, so the scene was really gorgeous. It seemed like a familiar place that I had maybe seen earlier in the day. The path down to the north from the summit, which I had to go down, was smooth but highly traveled and quite steep; I think maybe it merged with a parallel path or road at its base. In order to avoid going too fast, I took my skis off and just slid down on my snowpants, which was really fun.

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