sauna building

  • I went with a few friends into a building finished with matte, lightish wood on the inside, first a wide but shallow room and then a larger one; we entered from the north. There was daylight coming in from the south and west. The whole building was a sauna; it had that great steam smell and the humidity was condensed on the wood surfaces a bit, but it wasn’t sauna-hot. Apparently it was a Japanese-style sauna. Near the north wall of the large room was a sizable trap door that was open and below which was the sauna stove with its heated rocks; the rocks were light gray, matte and jagged, about 6–8″ in diameter.
  • At another point, on a sunny late morning, I was in what seemed to be a fusion of Maine and NH, at the farm of family friends. I climbed up on top of the wheel well of their tractor, which was facing east near a barn, as the husband (he of the family friends) was about to start it up; he started driving it around the lawn, and though it was fairly easy for me to stay on it stably, I realized he might freak out with bad results if he noticed me suddenly, so I tried to figure out how to jump off safely before that happened.

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