ant prob

All right, a Novemberemembered dream finally. In this scene, I woke up on a sunny morning in my room in STL, but quickly discovered that what appeared to be red mites, but turned out to be tiny red ants, were all over the walls, floor, and ceiling, just thousands and thousands of them (not like piling on top of each other numerous, but like the surfaces had a case of very fine chicken pox, except the pox were scuttling around). Trying to avoid stepping on them much, I went out to the adjacent room to the north through the sliding door (here the setting diverged from RL) and got on the computer to search the web for antidotes. I found info on some substance that would exterminate them, but I realized that if I used it they would still be covering the surfaces of the room, whereupon the mental image became the dead ants having bloated into smelly dead fish (still quite small) covering the walls and presenting quite a cleanup problem. Luckily I subsequently read that lighting a large candle after dark would attract them to fly into its flame and burn up, making for much less mess. This of course presumed the ants’ ability to fly, even though I hadn’t seen any of them doing so. A bunch of ants came into the computer room before I closed the doors to my bedroom. Gross. Later IRL I woke up to the same kind of bright sunlight, in the same room, as the ant dream, but there were no ants.

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