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steps classroom

The one scene I remember clearly is being in a classroom the floor of which was stairs or bleacher seats from one end to the other; it was fairly narrow, maybe about 20′, while the ceiling was quite high. At the lower end of the classroom the steps sloped up toward the south, but I think they then turned to the east, so the room was L-shaped. It was lit by natural light – by large windows to the west at the lower end and at the turn, and to the east at the very upper end, where presumably the entrance was. I was in a class with a bunch of WU people, and there were copies of a largish, thin newsprint booklet handed out to each of us. At that point I was in the upper half of the L, while later on I was in the lower half, at which point we had a quiz based on the contents of the booklet, which we were supposed to have read but I hadn’t. Before I was even aware the quiz was happening, while everyone was still talking (I think it might have been a later class session than when I was sitting at the upper level) a couple of friends sitting next to me asked how to say “thank you” in Italian, to which I replied “grazie.” Once I became aware of the quiz, I saw that that was a question on it, to my chagrin. The questions were interesting trivia sorts of questions on a variety of subjects, most of which were easy to answer even without having read the booklet. It’s not clear at all what the class was about in general.

highway run

It was mid-afternoon, and I was at a set of buildings by a rural highway — not a limited access one but still maybe four lanes — that sloped down to the east. The land on both sides was forested. I think I was in the middle of a run but had stopped, but then I got going again heading down the highway, on the left side (the same side as the building complex). One of my friends (it’s not clear afterward who it actually was) who was also running down the highway, at a faster pace, came up alongside me; I sped up to keep up with him and mentioned how great it felt to have the freedom of bounding down the hill. He seemed to accelerate a little bit (trying to shake me loose, or just offering a challenge, maybe) and I sped up again to match him. The highway either turned to or became northward in bearing so that the sun was to our left instead of behind us. A number of people started appearing who were running uphill quite fast, so that we had to be careful to run into each other; they seemed to be a university running team or maybe a running club. They and we were spread out across the road after a while, so we also had to watch out for cars, which were going plenty fast. The cars seemed to be driving in their left lanes, UK style, which added further to the confusion. Eventually I was running down the centerline to try to avoid traffic on both sides.


The one scene I remember from last night is looking out the upstairs bathroom window in NH and seeing an incredibly colored scene, a beautiful deep blue evening sky and maples with burning-orange leaves. I hurried downstairs to get my camera to snap the scene but got waylaid by having to talk to several people about different things, and by the time I got back upstairs, predictably, the light had changed (to a higher-key daytime look, I think, rather than night as one would expect IRL).

ski pano

(from last night, the 12th, am annoyed that this is still on DST so that it showed up on the 13th when I thought I was successfully coming in right under the wire — EDIT: hah FIXED via publishing date adjustment)

  • I was inside a largish building that seemed to be commercial in scale and outfitting; it was a gray day, and the building sat downslope on the east side of a north-south highway. Somehow it seemed as though I was also working on designing the building at the same time. The building had large open interior spaces with ramps and curved walls fitting around them; the walls seemed to be mostly white, smooth plaster finish. Meanwhile, where I was seemed to be a supermarket section, full of grocery store shelves, and I was watching a live stream of a Doctor Who movie (with the 11th Doctor) on a screen on the north wall of the supermarket area, but it was frequently interrupted.
  • I was taking part in a skiing expedition on a cold, crisp winter’s day; initially it was a bright sunny late morning; first we ascended slantwise up along the east side of a north-south mountain ridge with alternating open and wooded areas. Later, but I don’t think much later at all, I reached a local summit with a panoramic view to the north, and by then it was just after sunset, so the scene was really gorgeous. It seemed like a familiar place that I had maybe seen earlier in the day. The path down to the north from the summit, which I had to go down, was smooth but highly traveled and quite steep; I think maybe it merged with a parallel path or road at its base. In order to avoid going too fast, I took my skis off and just slid down on my snowpants, which was really fun.

road to boat

All I remember of scenes from last night is, first of all, driving with my dad on a rural asphalt road, going north, I think, through wooded and some open areas, with fresh, clear, sort of liquid air, with the sun maybe low in the east, though I don’t remember for sure. Eventually the landscape changed to a wide-open flatland with bays on each side of the road. We arrived at a spit of land jutting to the east that seemed quite familiar; there were cottages spread out along the beach. At that point it was a soft, purply-grayish twilight. I walked backward toward the end of the point, and eventually we came upon an aluminum boat in the sand that I think belonged to us, which we got into and rowed, across to a wooded island, maybe.

sauna building

  • I went with a few friends into a building finished with matte, lightish wood on the inside, first a wide but shallow room and then a larger one; we entered from the north. There was daylight coming in from the south and west. The whole building was a sauna; it had that great steam smell and the humidity was condensed on the wood surfaces a bit, but it wasn’t sauna-hot. Apparently it was a Japanese-style sauna. Near the north wall of the large room was a sizable trap door that was open and below which was the sauna stove with its heated rocks; the rocks were light gray, matte and jagged, about 6–8″ in diameter.
  • At another point, on a sunny late morning, I was in what seemed to be a fusion of Maine and NH, at the farm of family friends. I climbed up on top of the wheel well of their tractor, which was facing east near a barn, as the husband (he of the family friends) was about to start it up; he started driving it around the lawn, and though it was fairly easy for me to stay on it stably, I realized he might freak out with bad results if he noticed me suddenly, so I tried to figure out how to jump off safely before that happened.

ant prob

All right, a Novemberemembered dream finally. In this scene, I woke up on a sunny morning in my room in STL, but quickly discovered that what appeared to be red mites, but turned out to be tiny red ants, were all over the walls, floor, and ceiling, just thousands and thousands of them (not like piling on top of each other numerous, but like the surfaces had a case of very fine chicken pox, except the pox were scuttling around). Trying to avoid stepping on them much, I went out to the adjacent room to the north through the sliding door (here the setting diverged from RL) and got on the computer to search the web for antidotes. I found info on some substance that would exterminate them, but I realized that if I used it they would still be covering the surfaces of the room, whereupon the mental image became the dead ants having bloated into smelly dead fish (still quite small) covering the walls and presenting quite a cleanup problem. Luckily I subsequently read that lighting a large candle after dark would attract them to fly into its flame and burn up, making for much less mess. This of course presumed the ants’ ability to fly, even though I hadn’t seen any of them doing so. A bunch of ants came into the computer room before I closed the doors to my bedroom. Gross. Later IRL I woke up to the same kind of bright sunlight, in the same room, as the ant dream, but there were no ants.