city slopes

There are several scenes I recall that seemed to flow into each other in the dream, but now they’re discrete vignettes:

  • on an early, misty, cool morning, I and a number of other people were at a house in Hancock on the east side of a north-south road running parallel with a ridge; the west side of the road was open, while around the house was wooded, but there was a far view visible out to the east beyond. The house was simple wood construction with somewhat spartan plywood interior finish, but then in the middle of the eastern edge of the house was a concrete pool partly inside and partly outside, with the wall coming down to nearly the top of the pool, but up enough so that daylight streamed in through the pool space.
  • Later I was in a dense city on a sunny mid-afternoon, its gridded streets aligned with the cardinal directions, which was bounded on its western edge by a substantial ascending slope stepped by retaining walls. The steps started directly at the edge of the westernmost street. I think there was also a tower nearby built into the near edge of the slope, a bit to my left from where I was looking at the steps. This ascending slope is one of the more vividly-remembered recurring motifs through my dreams, and I recognized it as such within this dream.
  • Then on the east side of the same city was an ascending concrete 45° slope up from the streets that was bounded on its own eastern edge by a fast gently-curved highway with a pedestrian bridge crossing over it from the slope. There were standing rectangular ridges running up the slope, regularly spaced about 2′ apart or a little more and maybe about 3″x6″ in cross-section. The slope was tough but feasible to climb up, because the concrete was quite rough; a bunch of friends were hanging out on it, still on the sunny mid-afternoon. Together with the stepped slope to the west, it gave the city a bowl or trough configuration.
  • Also on a sunny mid-afternoon, maybe the same one, I was at a farm with lots of adults and kids around, almost as if a fair was going on. Immediately to the northwest of my vantage point was a field bordered by a tall wooden fence (it was a sort of post-and-lintel fence, with an open view through; the wood was darkish brown); tall tobacco was planted in it and draft horses were pulling plows or something through it. One guy near me had a little dog, maybe a corgi, wrapped in a blanket, and he was teasing it, kind of batting it around playfully, and the dog was putting up with it surprisingly well. I joked with him how the dog was going to snap at some point.

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