German stream

The one scene I remember from last night is that I was with my parents on vacation in Germany; it was somewhat early morning, with the sun shining from the east-northeast, and we were in a wide-open, mostly grassland area at a large but untrafficked road that ran east-west through it. Off in the distance to the north was the edge of forest, and maybe to the south too. We spotted a stream flowing west just north of the road through the grasses and rushes; it was difficult to see because the grasses occluded it in many places. The terrain dropped off maybe 15′ just to the west, quite steeply just next to the road and more gradually a little further away, which caused the road to have to cantilever over it. The stream cascaded down the embankment there before resuming a leisurely pace at the flatter land at the bottom of the slope and eventually emptying into a south-flowing river off in the distance to the west. I walked off the road along the embankment to check it out more closely; it was quite interesting to see the exposed substructure of the road/bridge from that side. Somehow sunlight was shining through between the road and the spot on the embankment I was on. After getting close to slipping off the embankment, I walked further on and climbed down the gentler part of the slope to investigate further. I think maybe there was a town visible off in the western distance past the river.

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