hexagon colony

  • From a bird’s-eye view from the southwest, looking down onto the south slope of a mountain-sized sand dune, with the sun shining from north of east, I saw an ascending series of hexagonal grass-covered pads that were arranged along a spine going up the slope, maybe a stair; the pads alternated from one side of the spine to the other going up the slope. I think there were maybe also windows or and/or protruding or subtracted volumes in the pads. They had interior space; at some point I was inside the top one, which had glazed walls from the northeast to the south, letting the sunlight in generously, plus some maybe sloped clerestory windows. The posts and lintels between the windows were curved in cross-section, almost blobby, and there were words in an informal thin-stroke hand-lettering style all over them and maybe elsewhere on the walls; I remember associating the words with current events.
  • I was reading the latest issue of TIME at the kitchen table in NH on a sunny mid-morning, and the last-page column was by Téodor (maybe ghostwritten blog-style by Onstad, or maybe in this case it really was T) — there was a painting of him on the page — and it had to do with current national politics.
  • There was some sort of group project I was working on at school, and I had just received a large flexible blue plastic sheet (about the size of a full board of plywood) that had been lasercut and needed to have popped out. I was with a number of other students in a workroom with cinderblock walls and no daylight, though perhaps it was after dark. The sheet flopped all around as I took out the cut pieces, and I was glad to have plenty of space to work.

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