bend road

The whole set of scenes I recall from last night occurred on or involving an asphalt road in a deep, mossy, coniferous woods that went east, then bent around toward the south, and then further on toward the west, going uphill all the way. Inside the curve of the road was a sort of shell structure with a stage that was set up as a TV studio set, and an episode of Sesame Street was being filmed in it when I went by. The shell was quite light, seemingly made of deep brown wood paneling in a rather undulating or amorphous form, and it was held off the ground by slim posts. The stage was a similar color. I saw the whole thing from a bird’s-eye view from the south. I watched the episode later on (or more likely the watching was mixed in chronologically with being there) and saw that the road was in plain view on screen beyond the set, with passersby walking up and down it without interacting with the filming; this turned out to include, during the end credits, footage of me partly falling off my bike and catching myself as I tried to pedal up the slope of the road. Luckily there were people blocking the camera’s view of me just as I fumbled, so it wasn’t as embarrassing as I had feared. Up where the road headed west, the slope finally flattened out and the road terminated at a rather deep, rectangular hole in the ground that was the same width as the road and extended a good distance further west. Going south from the end of the road was a path toward such as a clearing that seemed possibly magical — I remember a sort of cinematic blue glowing smoke phenomenon happening along it. In another location (it seemed from what I recall to be the interior of a large long-haul vehicle like a submarine or a camper or starship), I drew an elevation/cross-section of the road, facing south, for some of my friends who were present, in order to explain the happenings, I suppose; it was just a simple felt-pen outline with the road bending up and back on itself and then the wall and base of the hole continuing the section. This helped solidify my memory of the road scenes after I awoke, I think.

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