• In my apartment building in STL, there was a room downstairs that seemed to be a little convenience store, with refrigerated food cases and fluorescent lighting. I was there after dark, or near dusk, with a few friends; I mentioned that I’d just discovered an Indian takeout restaurant just across the street (one house to the west of straight across), and for some reason struggled to get them to understand what I was saying about it. I then discovered a delicious-looking falafel sandwich in the cooler against the west wall, which rendered the discussion somewhat moot, as I had mostly been trying to move the conversation toward dinner possibilities.
  • At home in NH, I think, my dove was walking around on the floor of the upstairs hall, and with her was also a new brownish duckling (adorable) that wanted to play, but she wasn’t so sure — i.e. the stereotypical old pet/new pet relationship.
  • I was with a number of classmates in maybe Mexico City, at a smallish, quiet plaza with low buildings to the south, a low wall to the north with much lower land and an overlook beyond, steps going up to a slightly higher plaza area to the west, and shallower steps also going up to the east. It was late in the afternoon; in fact there seemed to be veiled sunlight coming from the northwestern horizon. In the northwest corner of the plaza was a largish tree, and near it was, I think, a tomb, pretty much just a waist-height large rectangular stone block, with maybe a coffin-sized hole in the middle (although that didn’t seem to be occupied). Now that I think of it, it actually reminds me most of the RL outlook squares on Toompea in the old city of Tallinn. Anyway, for a little while we seemed to just be hanging out there; I walked up and down the eastern and western steps. Eventually, though, led by our hosts, we formed a sort of parade line and dance-marched south along the western steps, through an archway to a street in or beyond the first layer of buildings, looped around to the left and came back to the plaza, some of us celebratorily air-drumming all the while.

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