Hoher Kasten

  • It was a sunny, crisp day, and I was in the mountains in Appenzell, walking up a trail toward the summit of Hoher Kasten, which was to my southeast. The trail, which initially was grassy and weaving through meadows and trees, joined up with a dusty, rocky vehicular road after a few minutes, so I continued on the road, staying out of the way of cars. Once at the summit, I intended to hike down to the next peak to the north, Kamor, and then to explore further south along the ridge as well, in the area of the Sämtisersee. At the western edge of the summit area was an overlook high above a parking lot to the east, which was mostly shaded by evergreens along the south edge and bounded by buildings to the north. I met up with my parents there and had to adjust my route plans, I think.
  • At another point, I was watching a scene at a bridge high over a large river going by a city; my point of view was from the surface of the water some distance removed from the bridge, on its south side, but it seemed I was watching footage, not actually being present there. People were jumping into the water from the bridge (for fun, not suicide) and one guy got tossed into the water by a huge hand (that didn’t seem divine, but rather just a big, mischievous disembodied hand). As he came back up to the surface after his dunking and swam toward shore, the guy looked behind his shoulder to make sure the hand wasn’t going to pull any more tricks.

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