two squares

Lots of sleep last night and a number of things recollected only vaguely, such as: being at home in NH (a version of it) at night and there being a mysterious man outside, which was rather worrisome to us inside; having two small brownies, one block-shaped and the other spherical, one being Egyptian and the other Israeli, and both looking delicious; and being in maybe Barcelona at night on New Year’s Eve and looking for someone or some event on a square in the old city, but possibly in vain — there were two small squares in close succession, more like just widened intersections, along the left side of a cobblestone street going northwest and slightly uphill, and I thought what I was looking for was at one or the other. Maybe it was? I forget. The sparse lights from buildings (the streets were basically unlit) reflected off the cobblestones as after a rain.

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