mountain loopway

  • One setting was a homey architecture studio space, a low-ceilinged large room, with windows to the east, south, and west, on an elevated floor as there were wide views from the windows, and late afternoon semi-sunlight was coming in. I don’t remember anything that happened there.
  • At another point, on a sunny afternoon, I was riding in a car with some WU classmates, going westward on a highway up into mountains; in places the highway was very steep (maybe like 1:2 slope), and to be able to climb up into the high cliffs of the mountains, it blossomed into a huge network of elevated highways pretty much filling space overhead, all looping back and forth with alternating curves tangent to one another, like maybe a lace fringe, or the way batt insulation is drawn in a construction drawing. We seemed to maybe still be on the ground, or at least near the low end of this matrix of roads (which maybe was actually just the one highway after all).
  • Somewhere indoors, after hearing some beatdown house playing, I was talking to someone nearby, saying that I had initially found beatdown too slow but was now really into it (as I IRL am).

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