pocket park

The one scene I remember from last night is rather vivid; I took the Saab out up the road on an overcast day and turned left to go up a little slant road connecting to upper Old Bennington, discovering at the end of the slant road (it came out near where Old Bennington met Antrim) a tiny new park to the right, only the size of a small front yard, nestled between the three roads. It was simple, just a slight clearing with some lengths of rough-cut stone for benches, but quite pleasant, a subtle change from the woods surrounding. I drove slowly past it to get a good look, then turned onto Old Bennington and continued back down Antrim, which I discovered was under construction. There was a rather deep, wide ditch to the right, paved over with smooth, deep gray concrete, and despite efforts otherwise I let the car slide down into it. The ditch was wide enough to accommodate the car, though, so it wasn’t a huge deal; at one point the ditch slumped down to an even lower level and the car followed. When I got to our driveway (by then it was after dark), I wrangled the car back up to the road, which was covered with ice and pack snow, as was the driveway, and somehow safely got the car in the garage.

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