blue glow

A few curious items from last night:

  • I was sitting on a couch, facing east, in a small cozy room with a large window to the north, near dusk, with the sky a very deep blue. It was much like camp IRL. There were no lights on in the room, so it was fairly dark. On the couch were some slabs, about 1/4″-1/2″ thick and about 6″x18″ area, of a mysterious brightly blue-glowing material that also responded to localized heat by getting brighter. I was partly sitting on them for some reason; they were cool, I think, not blue-hot.
  • On a fairly sunny afternoon, I went to a gathering in a rather fancy old house on the north side of what seemed to be a wider, more parkish version of Hancock’s Main St. I never quite figured out what sort of gathering it was — I thought for a while that it was a Tea Party meeting, so that I was doing some snooping behind enemy lines, or something like that, but it turned out not to be at all. For a little while I sat in a chair just outside the front door and watched people of all ages stream in; later I hung around inside, but I forget all specifics thereof, just that there was some incandescent side-lighting in the rooms.
  • I was riding through Boston with a number of WU classmates, for a reason that I think was somewhat clear at the time; at one point we were heading southwest on a highway through the city that sloped down and headed under a deep series of overpasses. At the beginning of the overpass area was a very ornate old theater whose façade was under renovation — its limestone surfaces were being (re)gilded, and the gilding that was already complete looked splendid, although perhaps garish.

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