Last night seemed mostly concerned with WU class trips:

  • a group of us were in a town maybe in Mexico; at one point we were in a dim, daylit storefront sort of room with most of the space up a few steps from the street level and with a view (partially shaded, maybe for the sake of a computer projection) out to the street to the south, having a discussion that was amusing at times. At some other points I was walking around on crushed-stone streets in the northeast part of the village, which had a slight slope tipped to the east; it was mid-afternoon and the sky was covered by altostratus, I think, so the sun was visible but the sky was bright gray; there were multiple small, pretty churches of varied styles in the area. Actually I think maybe the sun was low in the north during the later scene there.
  • There was also an excursion to NYC, I think, which likewise contained both interior and exterior scenes; there was one in what seemed to be a rehabilitated old mill building with high ceilings and timber floors and columns, and white walls infilling, but I don’t remember anything that happened in it. At another point we seemed to be way on the outskirts, in a wide-open infrastructural area on a cloudless, crisp sunny midday, with the city visible to the north (so that we might have been in the water IRL at that location). Later on coming back into St. Louis, I guess, we stopped at an intersection in another sort of desolate infrastructural area, and some of us got out of the cars we were in to talk to some road workers there, who had some sort of miniature roadwork vehicle with them; my friends seemed to know the workers from previously and to have something logistical to discuss with them.

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